Home Spirit for Service Providers

Home Spirit consists of a suite of tools for use by dementia service providers.

The suite currently consists of four tools:

Environment Audit Tool

Environment Audit

This tool should be used to highlight ways in which environment changes can be made to make life better for a person with dementia. The aim of the tool is to look at:

  • How an individual’s difficulties impact on the way the person navigates the environment
  • How the environment supports or hinders a person’s sense of self
  • How the environment poses potential risks to the person’s wellbeing
  • How small changes can be made to different rooms to improve independence
  • How assistive technologies could be used

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Person Centred Planning Tool

Person Centred Planning

The person centred planning tool is to consider the whole life of the person living with dementia.

The aim of this tool is to balance; ‘What is important TO the person with what is important FOR the person’ - As a way to identify ‘how’ care and support should be provided.

It is essential to ensure that ‘important TO’ leads the intervention in order for the person to stay in at the centre of their decision making.

The tool helps you to ask the right questions and can provide easily printed records/plans of the aspiration and goals of the person.

It is vital that a person with capacity to give consent to their care and support.

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Circle of Support

Circle of Support

Most of us have many people in our lives who all play a role in ‘our’ society.

It is not always obvious what people mean to each other, so the creation of a Circle of Support can help the person living with dementia gather together a record of the people that they love, the people that they care about, the people who they see a lot, the people they wish they could see more, the people who help them live their lives, the people who are vital to their wellbeing.

This tool is a way to share this information in the first instance, to know who is important to the person and support the person to stay in contact – It may be necessary to use technology, such as a mobile phone for ‘face time’ and skype on a computer. As the dementia progresses, this tool can support memory to the person and help them see ‘their community’ of people, using pictures.

In order for the person to be familiar with this tool, it helps to support the person to look at the pictures of their circle frequently – and perhaps move people nearer and further as a way of reminding themselves and others to keep those who matter close.

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The Home Spirit Infographics


The infographics are organised by topic to help you find what you need more easily.

They can be used for personal learning, to check best practice or as training resources.

Some of the info graphics have embedded links to further resources.

The info graphics are accessible and engaging, and can be used as:

  • posters to be displayed in working environments
  • portable resources to be shared on social media platforms
  • stunning visual aids for presentations
  • in team meetings to discuss specific topics
  • challenge myths and gets conversations started

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This level of access is suitable for support at home, flexi care and/ or residential support services. There are two packages for Professional Service Providers, the first is the Individual Package which is suitable for smaller organisations, where only one person is typically responsible for undertaking the assessments. The Agency Package is suitable for organisations where up to three people are likely to carry out assessments. Corporate packages are available for national providers. For information about this please use the contact us link .